The Secret Wild is a floral design studio based in Sydney. Inspired by the untouched, natural beauty that the changing of seasons brings as well as interesting and unique colour palettes. Brenna loves the dance between natureu’s perfect inconsistencies and the cityu’s refined lines – where urban meets the wild.

Growing up in a garden filled with a plethora of plants, Brenna loves exploring and foraging new environments to get inspired by. This is where The Secret Wild stems from (no pun intended) – places that are immersed in nature’s dwellings.

What we do

Specialising in events, weddings and editorials, Brenna works closely with all her clients for a bespoke, tailored experience.

She is not afraid of getting dirt under her nails to go above and beyond for the occasion. She takes pride in curating the freshest ingredients and loves getting to know her clients.

Brennau’s philosophy is to create not just an eye-catching design but also a holistic experience. Her bubbly personality is infectious and her favourite things to craft are suspended installations and gift bouquets.